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( Jan. 1st, 2009 06:28 pm)
Hey, yep, it's me, still alive (well... almost).
I survived Xmas at my grandparents', had enough money to buy the wii (but I don't have enough to buy games, so I just have WiiSports...), just gained 300 grams (which is good, given the amount of food we had), read a lot, ...
I went to the movies with my bro : Burn after reading and Largo Winch. Largo Winch was pretty good, not really like the comics or the novels, but in the same spirit. Burn after reading... I really think that the Cohen Brothers thought "we have Brad Pitt, George Clooney and John Malkovitch in the movie, it's ok, let's not have a real story because everyone will watch the movie for the actors"... No plot, pathetic characters (and I mean the way they were written)... Such a disappointment!
Anyway. I came back to Vitré with my bro (again) : we took the train at Strasbourg at 12.10 am and arrived at Vitré at 19.12 pm... Yep, 7 hours, 3 trains, a lot of people thinking that they were better than us and that we didn't deserve to be notice (I'm talking about you, the 50-years-old lady who thought I was a shelf for your luggage!)... We survived that too.
Now, I'm in Paris (at Cathy's, as usual ^^). We spent our New Year's Eve night at Rosen's, ate good stuff, watched good stuff, ... A nice night (and I fall asleep for maybe 90 little minutes... ok, 2 hours top).
Back to Cathy's after a good coffee at Starbucks, we played Guitar Hero (I'm not a guitarist, but I'm quite good w/ the bass ^^), we slept and now, we are playing Raving Rabbids TV Party.

Oh, yeah, I kinda forget that :
Merry belated Xmas, happy new year, folks!


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