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( May. 15th, 2009 03:30 pm)
Bon, j'ai mis longtemps, parce qu'en ce moment, je suis la reine de la procrastination, mais les voila, les news sur ma vie.

Côté boulot )

Côté licence )

Côté le reste )

Sinon, ce week-end, normalement, je suis sur Paris avec les parents pour aider mon frère à déménager (enfin si on me trouve un hébergement, parce que même si j'ai dis la première que je l'aidais, bien sûr, on m'a pas compté dans le lot...). Lundi, je bosse pas, jeudi est férié et je fais pas le pont, parce que ça sera hyper tranquille au boulot et que j'ai du tri en retard à faire (et que c'est à ce moment que je saurais si je continue ou pas...)
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( Jan. 1st, 2009 06:28 pm)
Hey, yep, it's me, still alive (well... almost).
I survived Xmas at my grandparents', had enough money to buy the wii (but I don't have enough to buy games, so I just have WiiSports...), just gained 300 grams (which is good, given the amount of food we had), read a lot, ...
I went to the movies with my bro : Burn after reading and Largo Winch. Largo Winch was pretty good, not really like the comics or the novels, but in the same spirit. Burn after reading... I really think that the Cohen Brothers thought "we have Brad Pitt, George Clooney and John Malkovitch in the movie, it's ok, let's not have a real story because everyone will watch the movie for the actors"... No plot, pathetic characters (and I mean the way they were written)... Such a disappointment!
Anyway. I came back to Vitré with my bro (again) : we took the train at Strasbourg at 12.10 am and arrived at Vitré at 19.12 pm... Yep, 7 hours, 3 trains, a lot of people thinking that they were better than us and that we didn't deserve to be notice (I'm talking about you, the 50-years-old lady who thought I was a shelf for your luggage!)... We survived that too.
Now, I'm in Paris (at Cathy's, as usual ^^). We spent our New Year's Eve night at Rosen's, ate good stuff, watched good stuff, ... A nice night (and I fall asleep for maybe 90 little minutes... ok, 2 hours top).
Back to Cathy's after a good coffee at Starbucks, we played Guitar Hero (I'm not a guitarist, but I'm quite good w/ the bass ^^), we slept and now, we are playing Raving Rabbids TV Party.

Oh, yeah, I kinda forget that :
Merry belated Xmas, happy new year, folks!


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