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( Sep. 18th, 2008 02:50 am)
I just discover that I have 8€ on a special account to watch movies/series/... (even porn...) on the Orange Video On Demand. And I just discover that they have Season 1 and Season 3 of Doctor Who.
So I rented the episode The Sound of Drums and I plan to rent The Last of the Timelords tomorrow. These are 24h rent and I can watch them as many times as I want, in original language or in french, ...
The voices in French? Awful and dumb! The translation? Horribly wrong. "Ooh you public menace!" becomes "oh, le matériel public!", wich means, for the non-French speakers, "oi, the public equipment!"... But it's like watching Torchwood in French every friday night : I hate the voices, the translation is wrong, but I can't help it, I kinda need to watch it.
Hopeless, hey?


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