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( Nov. 23rd, 2008 05:55 pm)
Yesterday, my father and my brothers went to the Stade de France to watch the France-Australia rugby game. So my mother and I were alone and we decided to have a mother-daughter day. We took some cake, some water, a lot of music, my camera and the car (of course) to go to the St Malo's Great Aquarium.
This Aquarium is really nice, because you don't just watch fishes, but you learn about them and a bit about general knowledge related to the sea. And it was quite empty : no child running everywhere or sreaming, no stupid ignorant tourist asking stupid questions to his/her mates about the fishes, ... We saw a lot of things (can't remember the name of everything, unfortunately) and then, we went to the Shark's Ring and to the Buried Galleon. I saw sharks and they were as beautiful as I imagined. Of course, they weren't in their ntural environment, but I hope I'll be able to go scuba diving to watch them in the real sea. After that part of the quarium, we walked through a place where we can touch some fishes (we didn't do it, it was too cold ^^) and we went to the Nautibus (it looks big on their video, but it's actually quite small ^^). It was the end of the visit, so we went to the shop (Mum bought me a necklace and postcards with medusa and sharks).

Not so bad pics under the cut ^^ )

We bought sandwiches in a bakery and drove to Rennes : Mum decided it was shopping time ^^ We went to C&A and I found a nice pair of dark blue jeans and a lovely purple tunic. We came back home and ate creole food while watching Indiana jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, before crashing in our beds, as the day was really really exhausting.

Apparently, there's snow everywhere except here, in Bretagne. We only have rain and wind.
Apparently, I'm allergic to the chemical used on my desk's wook. My arms are red and irritated.
Apparently, I have a cut in my mouth, made by a breadcrumb yesterday. It hurts when I eat or drink.
Apparently, Semagic tries to drive me crazy. I wrote the end of this entry 4 times in a row and it kept delteing it.
Apparently, today isn't as good as yesterday. But it's ok, yesterday was brilliant ^^


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